You're the expert we need to make healthcare better!
Health care research has a design problem, and you’re the expert we need to make it better.  
If you live with a disease or care for somebody who does, you know what works and what doesn’t.
Researchers need your help. They want input from those who live with disease, so they can design studies and tools to improve health and care.
Researchers need you, and you need them to do research that makes health care work for you.

That’s why we created VitalCrowd. VitalCrowd is you, your family, your doctor. It’s all of us who are affected by illness and want to make health care better.

Featured Study

Impact of Glucose Fluctuation

We’re working on a study that shows the impact of glucose highs and lows on the lives of type 1 diabetes patients. We need your insight to help design the study, so that we can measure the right outcomes and use the best tools to measure them.

If you want research to work in the real world, you need to bring in the real-world experts. The patients who live with disease, day-in, day out. The physicians who care for them at home and in their community. Until now, those experts – the real-world experts – have been left out of the research process. That needs to change if we ever hope to understand what really matters and what really works.

Anna McCollister-Slipp, Founder, VitalCrowd

Health research has become complex, costly and fails to inform clinical practice.