How do we determine your VitalCrowd score?


As you contribute your insights and ideas to VitalCrowd, you’ll earn points for every step you complete. You can watch your points grow as you complete each step of the protocol builder, provide comments or participate in discussions. You can see your point totals for each study at the bottom of the protocol builder. You can view your point totals on your profile page.

Crowd Support

When members of your study’s crowd like your idea or a comment you’ve made to refine somebody else’s idea, they can “like” it, by clicking the icon to the right of each comment. Each time somebody “likes” your comment, you’ll get a point. You’ll accumulate “like” points for each study, which will help us determine the “value” that the rest of the community places on the insights you’ve shared.

Research Value

At the end of the day, any protocol needs to be actionable. There may be really good ideas that just don’t work in a research setting. They may not be feasible with current technologies, or they may be too costly to scale to large numbers of study participants. Since our objective is to use the VitalCrowd platform to make research work better, we’re letting researchers assess which crowd ideas provide the most value to them as they shape the study and seek funding to support it. 

Do you have ideas to make this better?

If so, we want to hear them! 

This value assessment methodology is our starting point. We expect it will change as we better understand how crowd members interact with the platform and see how this “algorithim” stands up in the real world of clinical research design. So, let us know what you think! VitalCrowd is designed for you and others like you. We want to know what you think.


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