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Study Center:

Since the study data will be collected via cellular/wireless technology, the study would be managed by a single research institution responsible for:

  • Finalization of study protocol
  • Enrollment of participants
  • Communication with study participants
  • Coordination of equipment delivery and data uploading
  • Development/oversight of the development of the study ‘app’
  • Participant compensation
  • Data collection, de-identification and analysis
  • Writing and submission of manuscripts
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JMilo's picture
Ooops, didn't read the whole study before my previous comments. MOST excellent, particularly the impact on our lives. I'd LOVE to be involved in a study like this, as would many in the T1d support group that I manage in Orange County, CA. Most are on pumps but only about 1/2 on CGM.
Anna McCollister-Slipp's picture
Brilliant! Thanks!
JMilo's picture
Hi Anna ... it just occurred to me that I'm not hearing much from VitalCrowd. Is there anything we should be doing with you?
Anna McCollister-Slipp's picture
You are awesome! Thank you for asking! I just presented the platform at the White House yesterday. We're hoping to get the funding to re-launch/re-introduce the glycemic variability study to the T1D community soon, changing it up a bit, emphasizing the gamification elements, improving the interface, etc. I would love your input, ideas, support on what works, what doesn't and how to make it work best for users/patient communities. It's all an experiment, and we need input from gifted, insightful people like you!