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Study Tools 


  • Dexcom G4 or G5 CGM with connection to iPhone
  • Wireless BP monitors and scales with iPhone connection
  • Alive Core wireless EKG
  • Activity tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Digital scale
  • Custom designed app, which will integrate data from the digital measuring devices into a single interface. The app would prompt patients to report PROs during periods of variability or stability, as well as at regularly timed periods throughout the day.
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rhuber's picture
I want to be involved
melissablee's picture
It should be clearer whether these devices/tools will be provided for in home use for the individuals or provided at the designated study site.
Anna McCollister-Slipp's picture
Good point. The intent is to have all of these elements measured at home with the data being uploaded directly to the cloud. the number/specific devices we use will depend on a number of things, included budget, so these may not be the final list. Which do you think would be most helpful/informative?
boonelr's picture
I noticed the tools are iPhone based. If you are not including the Android market then how will those of us who use Android phones participate?