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How To Write A Dissertation

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Writing Disertation

When writing a dissertation, there are some things to keep in mind. These are: 

  • There should be a clear objective that has a well worked thesis. 
  • It should be well planned and researched. 
  • Concepts should be clear and should show how they are applied to their own work. 
  • There should be an analysis, critical evaluation and discussion within the dissertation. 
  • Referencing should be consistent and correct. 
  • There should be strong structure and expressions used appropriately. 
  • A clear understanding of what has been learned in the course. 

Keep in mind when choosing your topic to: 

  1. Choose the topic early. 
  2. Make sure to understand the scope of the topic from the professor. 
  3. Refine the title and the dissertation as necessary. 

When planning the research for the dissertation proposal make sure to start early and be meticulous.

Some tips on the planning are: 

  • Have a time table to complete each section of the dissertation. 
  • Keep in mind that you may not be able to find books, there can be delays in responses, problems with computers and printers, as well as other mishaps that occur. 
  • Have a reading list prepared. Have questions in mind when you begin the reading and how it pertains to your topic. 
  • Leave time for editing and redrafting too. Make sure to proofread everything and have someone else read it as well. 
  • Leave time for having the dissertation bound as well. 

The basic structure of a dissertation is as follows: 

  Title page 
  Title, Your Name, Course Name, Date, Name of Professor 

  One paragraph summarising the whole dissertation. 

  Thanks to those who have assisted you. 

  Table of Contents 
  Chapters and/or sections sub-sections with page numbers. 

  Table of Figures 
  If appropriate. 

  A presentation of the question you are addressing or the thesis that you are presenting. There should be a brief outline of the structure of your work. 

  Main body 
  The dissertation itself. 

  The conclusion of the dissertation. This is where the entire dissertation is pulled and tied together. 

  List of your sources that were used, this includes everything, no matter how minute. 

  This is where anything that is too large to go in the body of the dissertation can be put. However, keep in mind to check with the professor to ensure that you have all areas added that they want. They may also want terms of reference, procedures used, methodology used, executive summary, literature reviews or recommendations well.